KIm Manfredi at Anne Bedrick Fine Art November 25-December 26

We are proud and excited to announce that Kim Manfredi will be exhibiting as a visiting artist at Anne Bedrick Fine Art Gallery from November 25-December 26, 2020.

Kim Manfredi is a painter.

Sometimes painting stimulates exploration. There is a certain energetic way of working where my mind wanders and the brush moves searchingly. 
During this process of "making, not knowing” I recognize what it is my picture is about. 
Often times my art points to a place: a physical place, a remembered place or a point in time.

Kim earned her MFA at the Hoffberger School of Painting where she was awarded both the Hoffberger and Polovoy Merit scholarships. She studied under the tutelage of Grace Hartigan, her painting mentor. 

See more of her work at or on Instagram