Shelley Heffler at Anne Bedrick Fine Art February 3-February 27

Shape Shifters 
My work speaks as both painting and sculpture. Vinyl banners, canvas, wire and mesh are meticulously hand cut, woven and shaped to create undulations suggestive of fabric, landscape or natural organic forms. I strive to reconnect myself to the external environment that has been torn apart.

Process and paradox are the core issues in my work, while the materials I use fuel and inspire me. Fabrication is low tech and hands on. Questions about urban environment and passage of time are elements I explore. I am deeply aware of the destruction of our throwaway society that is leading to our collective destruction. Modern times has resulted in treating the earth as a disposable resource. Through the action of painting and deconstructing, I attempt to restructure and form material to reclaim and restore a healing presence through the work. 

See more of Shelley's work on her website.