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Love, Exciting and New...

Anne Bedrick

Sorry, you are probably singing The Love Boat theme song now...(If you don't remember the Love Boat, you can read about it and hear the theme song here) And, yes, I jumped onto the Valentine's Day bandwagon and am writing an email about LOVE!  But at least I am avoiding the pinks, reds and hearts in the pieces that I am highlighting so as not to be COMPLETELY sappy.

As artists we always fall in love with our most recent work.  It is not until later when the newness has worn off that I can really SEE if work is as good as I first thought that it was.  That is why I sometimes go back into pieces weeks, months or even years later!  Below are some that I recently went back into, and I do think I made them better, but of course I am in love all over again, so now I will have to wait to be sure!  :-P

To continue the Valentine's day theme, if you need a last minute gift for YOUR valentine, my studio is open almost everyday, click here to make an appointment.  Original artwork might just be the perfect gift for your honey!
"What if they don't like it you ask?" No worries, any piece can be returned for a full refund within 30 days... and Valentine's day is well before I move.  :)


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