Anne’s oil paintings are very much about process. Working on multiple canvases at once, Anne explores color and texture combinations, intuitively allowing the artwork to evolve. While painting Anne drops into a calm and meditative state that she hopes transfers into the paintings and the viewer’s experience of them.

Each color, shape and line creates new interactions and puzzles to solve until visual order emerges. Because of her love for work that reveals process and layers, the challenge for Anne is in knowing when to stop, when a work is completed and evolved enough, but not so much that earlier iterations are hidden. As she builds layers and pares them back down, colors consort and negotiate for space, creating joyful energetic abstracts that engage the viewer. In fact, viewers often comment that when they really spend time looking deeply at a painting, they see images or that parts of the paintings remind them of this or that. This process of looking at art deeply has been shown to relax the brain and allow it to unwind.

 Imagine living with an original.


What is Cold Wax Medium?

Anne mixes cold wax medium, which looks remarkably like Crisco, with her oil paint. Unlike encaustic, which uses heat, cold wax is used cold and simply mixed with the oil paint. Rubber squeegees and spatulas are used to apply the paint mixture, rather than paint brushes. By using the cold wax both thickly and thinly, textures can be crafted at the same time that transparencies are created. The combination of cold wax and oil paint dries much more quickly than oil paint alone. By the next day the paint is already dry enough to scratch into or add onto.

Art Makes Space For Your Brain to Unwind

Imagine Living With An Original

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