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Collector Testimonials

"We popped into Anne’s studio on a whim. Her style, forms and color sense were immediately captivating. After a long and delightful conversation Anne offered to visit our home and bring some of her paintings to “try out”. We really liked them however none seemed quite right for us. Anne got a sense of our design direction and preferred  palette. She then created a painting that incorporated the blues, oranges, tans and gray tones that have become our theme. Her composition expresses a magical layering of vibrant elements and accents emerging from misty background clouds. The textures and details create depth and complexity. Each time we peer into the work we see new interplays of color, texture and form. We are thrilled to have met Anne. Her work enlivens our new home in the desert."

 -Ira Dankberg and Rob Schoenberger, Collectors


"I recently had the pleasure of working with Anne Bedrick after visiting her show with a client.  Anne's abstract and organic style was a perfect fit for my client and after looking at her work, we commissioned a piece to hang prominently over my client's sofa.

"We worked closely with Anne to determine the primary and secondary colors of the piece.  Anne was patient and listened carefully and was able to come up with several iterations of a piece for us to view and a final schematic to execute.  
"The piece is a "show stopper" and my clients are extremely happy with it.  Everyone comments on how colorful and yet calming the piece is and, my clients were so happy with it that they purchase a second piece from Anne, a triptych, that is showcased in the entry hall of their home.
"I love Anne's work and I loved working with Anne and I look forward to finding the right client match so that we can work together once again and create something beautiful."
-Joanna Cohlan, Interior Designer
Owner of Fresh Eyes For Your Home


I own several of Anne’s works, which are very different.

I was attracted to her work on several levels: first, the color palettes spoke to me because I wanted to add vibrant color to my home. The exuberance of the movement in the paintings is an incredible backdrop for the colors and it thrills me to move away from commercial print art work that can feel safe, but at the same time not fulfilling. Anne’s paintings bring my home to life, and by extension bring me such joy. I love looking at the painting over the course of the day, to admire how the painting changes with the light.

-Kim B., Collector


It's difficult to land on the one thing that draws me to your work since there are multiple aspects that I so appreciate. But... if I have to say one thing, I would say it's color.

The first time that I saw your work, the colors and the color combinations struck me so powerfully.  And it's not that I know what color/s or color combinations I prefer--it's how you combine them in surprising ways with the design, the shapes, the movement, and depths, that result in the whole of each compelling painting.

I chose three of your paintings for my renovated living room. Your paintings, with their vibrant colors and vibrancy, complement the muted tones of the rest of the room and offer the space a feeling of warmth, a sense of serenity, and an excitement all at the same time.

-Alisse W., Collector


“We love No More Bananas. We had an art poster in the space previously and I have spent more time looking and enjoying your artwork than I ever spent looking at that. It makes me smile every time I look at it. When I put your question about what draws her to your work to S she said, “I am struck by the texture of her work. I find myself pausing in front of it and staring.”

The emotional impact your painting has had in our home is wonderful. We purchased No More Bananas to honor my dad and every time I look at it I am reminded of who I want to be in the world."

-Amy C., Collector


“Anne’s paintings are displayed on the wall at my business. Anne explores color and texture combinations, intuitively allowing her pieces to evolve, in a casual kind of way. It makes me happy as my mind follows the colors and textures of her designs. For me it's like a visual meditation. The energy that exudes from the bursts of colors can bring any space it occupies to life.  I love being around her art."

-Lisa Greco, Owner of Energia 


"I love coming into the kitchen now that we have rearranged everything to hang your painting…..a joy at all times!!"
- Joel Sommer, Collector

"Anne Bedrick's art is prominently displayed in our Florida home because it brings us joy. Anne's art evokes an emotional response. When anyone sees the pieces we have in our house they always ask us where we purchased them."

- Howard Petusevsky, Collector