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What is Cold Wax Anyway??!!

Anne Bedrick

Did you ever wonder how artists create the different effects that you see when you look at their work?  They use a variety of different mediums mixed with their paint to create them.  My medium of choice is cold wax, which looks and feels remarkably like Crisco (see the photo - right next to my tools - it does right!?). 

When I mix my oil paints with cold wax, it allows me to create textures and transparencies. Unlike encaustic, which uses heat, cold wax is used cold and simply mixed with the oil paint. Rubber squeegees and spatulas are used to apply the paint mixture, rather than paint brushes which are too soft to move the mixture around on the canvas or board. 

I love the surprises that occur with cold wax.  In my artist statement below, you will see that I call cold wax my partner.  That is because I am always aware of the happy accidents that occur and choose to keep some of them to create the engagement that my canvases offer. 

I would welcome the opportunity to show you both my work and the cold wax medium itself.  Give me a call at 914-522-4127 or shoot me an email at 

I hope to hear from you soon!


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