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Working Like Crazy!

Anne Bedrick

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Working Like Crazy!

Oh my goodness!  I have been PAINTING!  Capitalized because I have let other pieces of the business, such as marketing and accounting and updating inventory information, etc. fall a bit to the side as I have focused on the work itself.  With fewer people popping into the gallery, I am able to work for longer stretches of uninterrupted time, which is intense and exciting, but also a bit exhausting.  It has allowed me to delve deeply into my ideas and process but left less energy for the other parts of my job.  I don't mind, because I know I will be able to get back to those when life is a bit more normal again, and I don't want to lose out on the momentum that my work has right now.

Here I am sitting and looking at "Laying New Pathways"  in a bit of a state of exhaustion - lol. 

But all kidding aside, I am really proud of and excited about this piece.  It was made in reaction to the Black Lives Matter Rallies - the hope, the unrest, the excitement, the worry, the work ahead, is all reflected in the energy of the piece - click on it to see it close up and for size and price information.

Much of my newest work has been a reaction to current events.   


"When Balloons Descend and Break the Crust" was made while thinking about how we were/are ready for change as a nation.  And. If you think about the strength of a balloon descending and it actually having the capacity to break the crust, the crust must have been on the verge of breaking anyway.  
"Can We See Other's Points of View?", below, has much complexity and hope within it. Of course we can never fully see another person’s point of view, but we can try...  I love the variety of surfaces and the little arching bridge reaching/trying to span the distance. 

You may have noticed that the actual work in this new series is more complex.  And that is the idea of it.  I am trying to be open to experiencing the complexities and the emotions of the time we are in.  I am approaching each painting without preconceptions and sitting with the discomfort of not knowing their outcome; reacting to them more than planning them.


I am considering the word "Eudaimonia" as a title for the series.  It is a Greek word that translates to living one’s life to the fullest.  Occasionally it is translated as happiness, but the fuller translation and the one that draws me, is that goal in life is a search for meaning and challenge, which are more fulfilling than happiness.  

Experimenting, too!

Yup!  I have been experimenting, too!

In the piece below, I am experimenting with new media.  After hearing various artists talk about using linen rather than canvas, I decided to try it.  I ordered a roll of linen, primed but not stretched, with the idea that I could work really big, as big as my 10' x 10' work wall.  But, once it came and I tried to hang a piece of it, I realized how cumbersome it would be to even hang it, so I decided instead to cut a piece more in the size range that I usually work.  Then because it is not stretched, I decided to work in acrylic so that it would remain flexible with the loose surface.

Acrylics dry so fast, especially in the desert, that I am able to create many layers in a short amount of time.  I love the graffiti-like feel of this piece titled "Blow the House Down". 

I still haven't decided if I am going to stretch it, which would lose the outer 2-3 inches of the composition as it would be needed to wrap around the wood, or mount it flat onto a cradled board, or find some unique tapestry-like way to display it.  Check back to see! 

I will definitely continue exploring with linen and acrylic in the weeks to come including trying to on the reverse side, which is not primed, to see how the paint is absorbed and becomes more of a stain on the canvas before it begins building up.
As always, I welcome your feedback on my newsletter or artwork and would love to hear how YOU are doing. 

Email me!

All artwork is for sale.  Click on any of the images, except the loose linen, which is not ready, to find out price and size information.  If you would be interested in learning more about acquiring one of my pieces, send me an email or visit my website.  Additionally as a reminder, I can make a custom piece in YOUR size and colors. Let's talk about it!

Hoping you and your loved ones are well. 


PS - Please forward/share this email with others who might enjoy it! 

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