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A Collective Trauma

Anne Bedrick

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A Collective Trauma
A Collective Trauma
A Collective Trauma
Oil and Cold Wax 
36 x 36 x 1.5


Art channels emotions. Abstract art doesn't show something the same way that representational art does, but it captures the emotions of the moment in which it was created. The colors, the movements used to create the shapes, the other kind of marks incorporated, the crispness or muddiness of the overall piece, all show how the artist was feeling at the time of creation.

When I painted “A Collective Trauma”, the reality of being isolated from others was settling on me. The news from New York was beginning to be grim. I was in the early stages of grief at losing contact with other people. I knew that this disbelief and sadness was collective, hence the title.

In this piece you can see a new mark that I began making in my work with this piece, cross hatching, the act of which is quite physical and relieved some of my frustration and confusion at the moment I made them, but also creates a different type of transition between areas

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