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New Rochelle Vegan Restaurant Hosting Local Artist Showcase

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y - A popular New Rochelle vegan restaurant has expanded its business in the city with a new restaurant and art gallery that will feature local artists.

Jolo’s Kitchen, which only serves plant-based cuisine, recently added to their North Avenue Location with Jolo’s Restaurant and Venue at 49 Lawton Ave., which includes a large gallery space in the rear of the building for exhibitions.

The inaugural exhibit, “Iterations in Oil Paint,” will feature the work of local artist Anne Bedrick. There will be a reception for the artist on Thursday, Sept. 8, with the exhibit open to the public beginning on Sunday, Sept. 18.

A New Rochelle resident, Bedrick has had her work featured throughout the country at various galleries. This will be her first solo exhibition. When she isn’t painting, she serves as a full-time art educator and public speaker.

According to Jolo’s Restaurant and Venue co-owner Alexi Rutsch Brock - who partnered with her husband, Steve and Marco Moise - Bedrick’s artwork “is very much about process.”

“Working on multiple canvasses at once, Anne explores color and texture combinations, intuitively allowing the artwork to evolve. Each new brushstroke creates new interactions and puzzles to solve until visual order emerges. Because of her love for work that reveals process and layers, the challenge for Anne is knowing when to stop, when a work is completed and evolved enough, but not so much that earlier iterations are hidden.”

Bedrick’s work will be available for purchase with prices ranging between $200 and $2,000. The artist can be contacted by email at or by contacting the gallery at (914) 336-2626.