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A Life in Transition...!

Anne Bedrick

A Life in Transition...!

I now live in Palm Springs, California.  Yup, it's true!  Scott and I moved on April 15th from our home of 28 years in New Rochelle, NY to Palm Springs, CA.  Wow!  It is still hard to believe.  

It is so beautiful here.  Not only is the home we are renting incredibly beautiful but the surrounding areas are as well.  Joshua Tree National Park is about 40 minutes from here but there are amazing hiking areas much closer as well.  We haven't had a chance to explore too much yet, but we will.  For now we are still trying to learn about more practical things to set ourselves up to live and work in this incredible place. And there are a lot of details to work out, the biggest of which is where I will paint.  Eventually I may open a storefront gallery/studio, but for now I want to figure out the lay of the art scene before I jump into anything too quickly. I may just paint in the garage to start.  As you may have guessed this uncertainty is killing me; I like to follow a clear pathway and to have all my ducks in a row at all times!!   

Living here thus far feels weirdly like being on vacation, especially since, our things are still en route from New Rochelle.    

The art scene here is varied and active.  There are some neighborhoods where mini-malls have been taken over by artists as well as some very established galleries and museums.  I really like the vibe at the Backstreet Arts District and if I go the opening a gallery/studio space, I will hope to get a space there.  

And, in case you are wondering about the pets, Zoe is already settled in and comfortable living here.  Yesterday I took her into the pool to make sure that she could swim and find her way to the stairs and out, just in case... she could swim, but her breed isn't build for it and it was challenging, and when trying to find the stairs, she panicked a bit and I had to help her out... it will be a work in progress until I feel that she could get out if she fell in.  In the meantime, she doesn't seem all that interested in going near the pool so we are ok for now.  Here she is happily basking in the sun:

None of the furnished rentals would let us bring our cat, Bennie, so he is now living in Sunnyside, Queens with our eldest Sarah and their partner Singer who thankfully were willing to have Bennie live with them.  So although we miss him, he is with one of his favorite humans in the world, and reportedly doing well. 


Report From ArtExpo
Right before we left, you may remember that I showed my work at ArtExpo NY.  Here is a short video slideshow of my experience there and a picture of my booth:
Here is a short video slideshow of my ArtExpo experience!
My Booth at ArtExpo NY
It was a tiring but worthwhile experience!  I not only learned so much, but I also met some wonderful people.  The artists around me were kind and supportive, watching my booth when I grabbed a quick bite to eat or used the restroom.  Some came from very far away to exhibit as well.  One was from Japan and another was from the Ukraine!  It was fun to see the variety of styles of artwork and how some passersby were drawn to one or another of us, but never to all of us.   

I happily had great success from doing ArtExpo.  I not only sold a couple of pieces, but I am now represented by THREE galleries!  If you are in Lenox, MA be sure to visit The WIT Gallery, if you are in the Jersey Shore near Spring Lake, be sure to visit Design Domaine Gallery and if you are in State College, PA near Penn State be sure to visit Douglas Albert Gallery.  It was challenging getting work ready for three galleries at the same time as I did final packing up of my home, but I am so glad that I did.  I am excited to be working with them! 

And, by the way, any of my work that is not at those galleries, continues to be available directly as well.  Simply visit my website to see what is currently available If you are interested in one I can virtually hang it for you to see how it will look and then ship it to you.  My guarantee remains in place, even on the other side of the country... if you don't like it send it back and receive a full refund (Including the return shipping).

Once I receive my studio supplies, I will be up and running again making new work from... somewhere.  Look for new work to appear in my next newsletter!

I would love to hear back from you!  Email me here.

Take care and thanks for reading!


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  • Hi Anne
    Looked all over for you at UCR
    Didn’t see you … sorry to have missed you!
    We had a great turnout and really fun art evening.
    See you next week!

    Andrea raft

  • Wow, how exciting! I guess I’ll have to read more to find what prompted the move. Your new home looks great.

    Speaking of great, your art looks fantastic in your booth. Congratulations on the sales and representations! I love hearing success stories, thank you for sharing.

    Jaime Haney

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