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Did You Miss Me?!?!

Anne Bedrick

"Dancing Into Paradise" 
48" x 108"
It has been quite a while since I last sent an update and oh so much has been going on!! 

The biggest news is that I have just signed the lease on a gorgeous studio space with a small gallery in the front.  It needs a bit of preparation before it is all set up the way that I want it, but it will be so exciting to be able to work as largely and as boldly as I like, as well as to be able to share work regularly in the gallery.  

Up until now, I have been working in my garage, and although it is not an ideal set up, I have not let that stop me.  I created the three panel, 9 foot (!) piece above on top of delivery boxes in that very garage! 

I love this piece and it may mark a new direction for me.  The main thing that I like is how I was able to preserve some of the initial rawness and energy in the finished piece.  Below is a close up image of the surface.  The black smudgy areas are created with cold wax medium over charcoal.
As is often the case, my title reflects my life journey.  "Dancing Into Paradise" is the title because I feel like happy dancing everyday living here in Palm Springs, CA.  Literally everyday feels like waking up in paradise.  The mountains that surround the city even make doing errands a pleasure! 

Here are some other pieces I have created since I have been here (click on any of them for more information):

West Coast friends, I can't wait for you to come see me at my new studio/gallery!  I will be located in the I corridor of the "Art and Design District" on Perez Road in Cathedral City.  The exact address is 68895 Perez Road, Studio I-26, Cathedral City, CA 92234  I will send a note announcing my opening.

East Coast friends, don't feel left out!!

I want to remind you that one of the services that I offer is to virtually hang work in your home or office so that you can preview it and know for sure that you are buying the piece that makes your space not only feel like a sanctuary, but also makes you proud to invite others in.  Simply send me a photo of your wall and let me suggest some pieces that would look good.  Then you just pick the one you like best and it will be on its way to you!  As one person recently said, "It's like MAGIC!!"

And the best part for you is that you can try one without obligation and with full confidence since I offer free return shipping and a full money back guarantee for 30 days.  UPS will even re-wrap the piece to return to me (at my expense) so that you can send it back with ease and confidence.  As good as Zappos, but for ART!

Send me a photo like this, and I will send the same photo back like this!
Send YOUR Photo!
Thanks for reading!


PS - Scott and I are about to close on our new home and I will include a photo or two of our new digs as well as photos of the new studio/gallery in the next email!  Keep an eye out for it!

PPS - I would love to hear from you!

PPPS - If you enjoyed this email, please share it with others who might enjoy it as well! 
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