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Can't Sleep Because Company is Coming?

Anne Bedrick

You know the story, you wake up in the middle of the night and you start worrying while your partner is sound asleep beside you, trusting YOU to make it all perfect.  Yikes, that is a lot of pressure.  "What have I done?!"  "Why did I invite all those people over?!" "If only my house were more perfect... I really need to repaint and my furniture is looking tired..."  Sound familiar?  We all have that holiday host anxiety.  Whether it is your mother-in-law, your neighbors, or your work colleagues coming over, you want to feel proud of your home and excited to share it with others.  

Taking even small steps can make a difference.  

And, hanging up original artwork is like a magician's trick because it directs your guests attention away from the areas you would rather them not notice!  Instead of making excuses about the way your home looks, you'll be able to say, "Did you see the new painting we got?!"  Let me help you find the artwork that makes your home feel joyful and helps you feel proud to invite others in.

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