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Why I haven't been painting and how it is good for you!

Anne Bedrick

OK that's not entirely true, I have been working on the two pieces pictured above.  But, I am not spending as much time on painting because I have been packing, hiring handymen, and getting our home ready to sell. 

Scott and I have decided to relocate to sunny Palm Springs, CA.  Now that we are empty nesters who both work from home, we figure that we can work from anywhere and being warm and in a sunny climate all year long is very appealing to us. (I also think that it will be so interesting to see how my work evolves in a different environment!) 

We fell in love with Palm Springs pretty quickly.  There are mountains around the whole city, so almost everyone has a mountain view in their back yard.  The art scene is hopping with museums, galleries, and arts festivals.  And, we found the people friendly, the restaurants delicious, and the housing costs low.  It all added up to a perfect place for us. 

"Wait!" you say, "Isn't it very hot in the summer?"  Yes.  But we are used to living inside for at least one season, so we will just shift which season that is.  The rest of the year will afford us a beautiful indoor / outdoor lifestyle.

So, although I am loving my new career as a painter, I am not spending as much time painting as I might have as I get our home in tip-top shape; 27 years of stuff is a lot to go through!

Here is how it is good for you - Moving across the country is an expensive proposition and so I only want to bring the artwork that I absolutely love with me. 

LOTS of the artwork REALLY  MUST GO! 

To that end, I will have a "Make me an offer" area which will have both sculptures and paintings that won't be joining us on this new adventure. Come make me offer and fill your home or office with original work!

Now is the time to treat yourself or someone you love!  

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