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Do you ever wonder why artists are driven to create?

Anne Bedrick

Do you ever wonder why artists are driven to create?  For many, including me, it's an urge (like scratching an itch!) that is hard to resist.  And as anyone who has had an unscratchable itch will tell you, not scratching can feel unnerving! 

I have not been able to work in my studio this whole week and to be honest I am going stir crazy.  There are so many ideas to explore and visual puzzles to solve.  How will this color look with that one?  What composition can I make on a square canvas versus a rectangular one?  Which new textures can I find? Should I soften the transition from one color to the next one here or keep it as a hard edge?  It's so exciting! 

But that is not the whole story.  It is also calming.  And meditative.  And that one day where I got to sneak in and work, while the painter was working elsewhere, gave me the sense of taking a deep breath.  It took away the cranky edginess that had my shoulders up around my ears and made me able to smile again.  

Clients have told me that having my work in their home does the same thing for them.  That no matter what is going on in their day, or how much clutter is around on the floor and tables, when they walk into the room with my artwork, it reminds them to take a deep a breath and smile.  

Bringing joy to people's homes and places of work as well as giving them a way to consistently take a mindful moment as they enjoy the vibrant colors and textures in my abstract paintings is HUGE and I feel proud to be able to help people in this way.




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