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Some Like it HOT... And Some LOVE it!

Some DO like it HOT!  Really!! Yes its true, it is hot in the desert, but I not only like it here, I LOVE IT HERE!!  And, when you aren't being a tourist it is no different than living anywhere else, you travel to work and home and you have air conditioning.  In fact, I don't really feel that it is any different than some hot summers I experienced in NY where I spent the middle of the day inside with the AC on.  

And for those interested here is a quick recap on settling in to my new city... We move into our new home this weekend!  Although there will still be miles of boxes to unpack and construction will continue around us (We are re-doing the kitchen as well as doing some other small projects), it will be so wonderful to actually live there!  Still no photos of the house for you until next month, since it is so chaotic there, but I promise they are coming! 

I am making lots of wonderful friends.  Some are through a hiking group that I joined, some are people that I met through pickleball and still others are artists.  I think this is about the friendliest place on earth, probably because there are so many transplants who are also looking to make new friends.  My weekly schedule includes hiking, pickleball, yoga, and of course painting. 

So What's New On The Easel??

Now that the studio is set up, I have been going over to work most days.  I love working there and the amount of space that surrounds me.  And, although it is very quiet in the gallery portion of the studio at the moment, my art neighbors assure me it will be very busy come the fall and that I should enjoy the quiet hours that I have to paint while they last!  

I am building a new series inspired by the piece that I highlighted last month.  In them I am continuing to explore the juxtaposition of drawing with (and smudging!) charcoal under and adjacent to areas of more opaque color.  I love the contrast of the areas that are more refined and finished with those that are raw and full of energy.  It is challenging finding the right balance between the techniques.

In the photo above I am at a monthly artist critique group presenting one of my newest pieces (which was still wet!) and getting feedback from artists of all types.  Below is another new piece using the same concept.  The one below began as an adjoined diptych but I ended up preferring it as a diptych with space dividing the panels.  And unlike the piece from last month, which will only be sold as a triptych, this one can be sold as either a diptych or as two separate pieces.


I know it is difficult to see the smudging charcoal in this small photograph so here is a close up of one of the smudgy areas:



Do you love that rawness and energy as much as I do?  It's OK if you don't... There will are always other works and series in the studio and in the future!

And in case you are curious, here is a close up of a dynamic area from the top piece as well: 



Come Visit My Gallery/Studio!


I am officially open Wednesdays-Saturdays 11-3 but you will often find me there at other times as well.  My gallery/studio is located in Building i on Perez Road in Cathedral City, in the "Art and Design District"  The exact address is 68895 Perez Road, Suite I-26, Cathedral City, CA 92234  Since it is off-season and very quiet here, I am planning my opening event for the fall when more people are in town, but feel free to stop by well before that to see my work and to peek into the studio to see what I am currently working on. I am happy to show you around and explain more about the cold wax medium and the tools that I use, and if you are especially lucky, Zoe will be there to give you a lick or two (no worries, I can put her in her crate if you don't like dogs)!

If you can't get to the gallery/studio but are interested in purchasing any of my pieces, I want to remind you that one of the services that I offer is to virtually hang work in your home or office so that you can preview it and know for sure that you are buying the piece that makes your space not only feel like a sanctuary, but also makes you proud to invite others in.  Simply send me a photo of your wall and let me suggest some pieces that would look good.  Then you just pick the one you like best and I will ship it off to you.  

And, since I offer free return shipping and a full money back guarantee for 30 days, I hope you will feel confident to try one of my pieces in your space.  It is remarkable how your space will come alive with an original.

Send me a photo like this, and I will send the same photo back like this!


Meet Joe Shoemaker!

Joe is my studio mate and he makes some wonderful atmospheric and moody pieces that will transport you!  His work is also on display in the gallery and his studio is next to mine.  If you are lucky, when you visit you will get to meet him, but probably not because Joe is a realtor by day and therefore does his painting mostly at night.

Here is a peek at the gallery/studio space.  Joe Shoemaker, my studio mate made this wonderful video giving you a preview.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you or hear from you soon!


PS: Mark your calendar!  If you will be here on October 12, 2019.  Joe and I will be throwing a party to officially open our space, and YOU are invited!

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