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What did YOU do at Work Today??

Anne Bedrick

What did I do at work today? You ask?

In my “office” (aka studio) I started a new painting using the colors inspired by this Echinacea flower that I saw when I was out walking Zoe about a month ago.  I had many other paintings in the works at the time, so it took me awhile to get to it.  But, the weird way that that orange and black look with the pink has been burning a hole in my brain.  So, today I took those colors off my “to do” list and started using them.  In the weird way that paintings evolve and have a life of their own, it may end up far from its point of origin, but it will be exciting to see how it ends up.  Stay tuned for updates on this painting - I promise to post photos of these weird and wild colors in my work as soon as I can!

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